Veranda Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Veranda Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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Look closely: the chunky texture and organic look of this rug is just like jute. But it’s actually scrubbable, hoseable, easy-to-care-for PET. Durable enough for the outdoors, it will fit right in on porches and patios.

WHERE TO USE: Just right for high-traffic areas and the porch or patio.

•  Regular vacuuming and the occasional gentle shake will keep these rugs looking their best.
•  Vacuum, brush lightly with fresh or soapy water, or spray with a hose.
•  Scrub lightly as excess scrubbing can cause fuzzing/pilling.
•  P.E.T. rugs can hold in moisture if not dried after complete saturation. If your P.E.T. rug is outdoors and becomes fully saturated after rain, please hang to help dry.
•  Do not machine wash or dry.

2x3 $162

3x5 $396

Runner 2.5 x 8 $524

5x8 $1,042

6x9 $1,328

8x10 $2,076

9x12 $2,684

10x14 $3,620

Swatch 24”x18” $12