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Milo Ivory Woven Jute/Cotton Rug

Sand bars of natural jute appear to float on a marled slubby cotton ground. Cool and crisp underfoot, jute and chenille cotton blend together in perfect synergy for hardworking comfort and style.

  • WHERE TO USE: Low- to medium-traffic areas, such as guest rooms, hallways, and home offices.

HOW IT'S MADE: A combination of cotton and cotton chenille gives these woven rugs their plush look and feel. The dye is hand pressed onto piles of yarn in a striped pattern, and the dyed yarn is then spun onto cones for weaving, where it makes up the warp of these basic-loom- weave rugs. The dyed portions of the yarn are staggered on the warp to create the pattern.
•  Regular vacuuming and the occasional gentle shake will keep these rugs looking their best.
•  As woven rugs settle, a stray piece of yarn may pop up. This is perfectly normal. Do not cut the yarn; simply tuck and pull it back through the underside of the rug.
•  For bigger messes, we recommend professional cleaning only.