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Herbal Tea Gift Set

No wrapping needed! Already perfectly wrapped with one of our ribbons and adorn with an ornament! Ready to be gifted this holiday season. 

Jar of 8 Rise Herbal Tea Blend Bags

Hobnail white glaze stoneware mug

Tea Tongs

Adorn with ribbon and mini ornament. 

Choose between "Rise" or "Rest" tea 

Rise is a caffeinated, robust and balanced blend perfect for a morning boost. Spiced and warm with a sweet and bitter mellow taste. It's great served hot and pairs well with a slice of fresh lemon, milk or honey.


Rest is a caffeine-free herbal tea blend that helps you relax and will support a night of deep therapeutic sleep. This floral delicate well-balanced blend is soothing and mellow. Pairs well with a slice of fresh lemon or a touch of honey.