Diamond Navy Rug

Diamond Navy Rug

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Eye catching geometric area rug in washable, fade resistant polypropylene is a shining gem.


Features & Benefits: Ultra-durable construction, water resistant, and UV-treated for fade resistance; lightweight; often reversible; washable, scrubbable and bleachable.


Where to use: A rug for all seasons!    Terrific for high-traffic areas; kids’ rooms; staircases; muddy messes such as sunrooms, decks and porches; and any floor that gets wet- like the bathroom, the kitchen.


2x3 $54

3x5 $120

Runner 2.5 x 8 $152

4x6 $184

Runner 2.5x12 $234

5x8 $312

Runner 2.5 x 18 $348

6x9 $382

8.5x11 $644.00

10x14 $1,072

12x16 $1472