Recycled Glass Clear Jars

In villages throughout Europe, these wide mouth glass jars were used for the summer harvest. Made from recycled glass blown into authentic casts to retain their characteristic appeal. Stunning on their own, in pairs or in a set, the ability to mix and match sizes adds interest to the display, but the free form of the vessel ensures it is perfect as a singular decorative accent. These jars make for great flower vases for your kitchen or table top. Sit in a bathroom with sponges for a real organic coastal feel. The options to do with these vases are endless. 

Each vase may vary from images shown in coloring, size and shape. Recycled glass has a slight vintage blue/green tint and can contain small bubbles and imperfections. 

Sizes and Dimensions:
5 Liter 7.5”D x 9.5”H
10 Liter 8”D x 13”H
20 Liter 9”D x 16”H