Healy Blue Wool Woven Rug

Healy Blue Wool Woven Rug

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Handwoven in India from Pure new wool with an uniquely developed float-weave structure. Featuring a contemporary composition of concentric diamonds-within-diamonds in indigo and natural, this rug represents a seamless melding of modern and traditional craftsmanship descending from techniques that are centuries old.


Features & Benefits: Durable construction; lightweight, often reversible, rougher hand and natural earthen charm.

Where to use: Suitable for dinning rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms.

HOW IT'S MADE: Woven on vertical looms by passing weft yarns back and forth through the warp, just like our cotton woven and polypropylene flat weave rugs.

•  Regular vacuuming and the occasional gentle shake will keep these rugs looking their best.
•  For bigger messes, we recommend professional cleaning only


2x3 $88

3x5 $220

Runner 2.5x8 $290

5x8 $580

6x9 $782

8x10 $1,158

9x12 $1,564

10x14 $2,026